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Jardim Imbui Dog Kennel

The Kennel history is an old dream ...

When I was a child , my mother who is a veterinarian and loved the Golden Retrievers started to breed them under the affix Tribal Kennel.

The Golden retrievers were the breed of my childhood , We were surrounded by them for a long time. One extremely nice and intelligent breed . First came Buddy and Dolly and then Paquita , Scooby and many others. We also had Dalmatians , Rottweillers , Labradors and also Daschunds and mixed breed dogs but only the Golden Retrievers took part of the Tribal Kennel./p>

Unfortunately, life is unstable  and the dream slowly come to an end . The dogs became old and passed away, which ended up causing my mother to give up her dream. Then we just kept our loved mixed breed dog, Tiger, the most faithful dog ever. Unfortunately our beloved Tigre left us on 08/08/2014. He was 14 years old.

Then one day my mother came home with a little fur ball . A little  puppy full of joy, as if his energy never ended . At that time, i only knew the breed as ''Fox Paulistinha'' and that was the moment when the magic began ... 

''Week'' was  my pet  companion ,  my  shadow ,  my best  friend. Extremely  dedicated  to  make  me happy, ready to play 24 hours to every game and had an incredible intelligence . A lap dog , but also he belived he was a big and Strong dog. This temperament made me fall in love with him and later with the breed. We were best friends for only two years. Me and my Family left on vacation and when we returned someone who certainly never had a true friend , took him away and only left his collar which had a pendant with his name and our phone. Something that hurt me then and still hurts to remember nowadays. Again just our mixed breed dog,Tiger stayed.

Three years latter, my mother’s friend gave me a present , ‘’Ball’’, a Brazilian Terrier that was completely diferent from the others. He is the only known dwarf TB but  lovely and faithful dog, as any Terrier... Ball was neutered and he wasnt part of our breeding program, but he was our baby, our mascot. Unfortunately our beloved Ball left us on 25/12/2013 from collapsed due to his heart condition. 10 months latter that Ball arrived  I decided to have my life surrounded by more Brazilian Terriers  and then joined us  Amy and Bell , two of the many others yet to come ... 

The purpose  of  Tribal  Kennel  changed, and now it is registered as  Jardim Imbui Kennel in  tribute of the place i grew up and met the breed. The old dream remained and was passed from mother to daughter.

Thayana Magalhães Andrade