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Puppies Jardim Imbui Dog Kennel

Our Puppies are the results of our breeding program, therefore they are planned with all possible care, but it’s impossible for us to keep them all, so occasionally we have some puppies available for selected families and homes.

During 2013 we started to test all our dogs for the MPS disease (Mucopolissacaridose VII). Our dogs are now 100% tested and their results can be found in each dogs’ individual page. We also control our dogs’ patellas thru x-ray of their parents. Right now, 99% of our puppies are MPS free and the rest are MPS asymptomatic carriers, and none are affected. We believe that these are the least health guarantees that a responsible breeder should offer to the new owners.

Each and every puppy go thru a socializing process since very early stages and as they grow old, they are presented to new kinds of strange noises, toys with different sounds sizes and textures, videos with fireworks’ sounds, cars, horns and also to other dogs from our own breeding. We also let them play them as freely and naturally as possible, exposing them to water, grass and sand. Weaning happens naturally and the introduction of wet and dry food is done gradually, letting the puppies’ mom decide when she should interrupt nursing.

Our puppies live together with their mom until the moment they go to their new homes, We believe that by doing so combined with their socialization are extremely important to their character and personality, allowing that in the future they can be sociable dogs and with the right breed temperament.

Our babies take their first vaccination shot when they are 30 days old. (Puppy DP) and a few days later they start to live together with the pack with total freedom during the whole day, just going inside at night to sleep. All our puppies always go to their new homes fully dewormed, vaccinated, microchiped and with their pedigrees from CBKC/FCI.

We always ask, before getting a Brazilian Terrier a research should be considered and done about the breed, temperament and their own needs, after all, the newcomer will be a family member and will need all the loving and necessary care for a long time. If you are ready to have a Brazilian Terrier, feel free to contact us and get more information about available puppies or new matings we might have. We will be very happy to help, explaining all doubts and all the necessary care that the puppy must have throughout the whole life.

Below, there are some pictures of our puppies from previous litters, enjoying their childhood while they were still under our care.