Jardim Imbui Dog Kennel

Discovering our story

My name is Thayana. I’m a dog lover in general, but my heart skips a beat about the Brazilian Terrier. I was gifted my first TB when I was 14 years old, which led me never chose another breed to be around with. If I ever started to say every single quality of our little Brasileirinhos, definitely there wouldn’t be enough space in this website. They are extremely loyal, really smart and above all these, they can adapt in a blink of an eye to a Country house or a city apartment. They are small and extremely easy to take care of and not to mention they are Brazilians’ which make them even more special.

Our goal as breeders is to breed healthy dogs following the Breed Standard not talking about Beauty but also temperament which is extremely important for us. - The Jardim Imbui Kennel is located in Rio de Janeiro.